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Zhuzhou Sant Cutting Tools Co., Ltd is a modern joint-stock company specialized in the designing,

producing and selling of CNC cutting tools and cemented carbide tools. Located in Zhuzhou,one of the biggest manufacturing bases of  cemented carbide cutting tools in China,our company mainly produces various cnc turning tools, milling tools, drilling tools, cnc inserts, tooling systems and various cemented carbide tools.  



We have professional design team and complete quality-testing system and have passed the ISO9001 Certification of Quality Management System. Besides, ERP system is adopted to improve the efficient and accurate management. More importantly, we have various kinds of processing equipment, including MAZAK five-axis linkage high precision machining center, ANCA five-axis linkage high precision grinding center.

We have established collaboration relationships with many outstanding suppliers including NIHONG TECHNO - the heat treatment company.




With the experience of designing and manufacturing cnc cutting tools for many years, we can provide customers with various non-standard tool holders,and can also provide a complete set of supporting scheme for required tools during the processing as well as varies carbide tools. In accordance with the principle"Quality First, Service Supreme", we have established long-term friendly cooperation relationships with many customers all over the world.

Zhuzhou Sant Cutting Tools Co., Ltd.

We purchased the first machining center and set up the production site in Zhuzhou.

Zhuzhou Sant Cutting Tools Co., Ltd.  was established, mainly producing CNC turning tools.








We purchased a 5-axis machining center to produce CNC milling cutters and shallow hole drills. The number of machining center equipment has increased from one to five, including a four-plus-one five-axis machining center. And 2 new CNC lathes. In 2009, We made a bold decision to set up the Ministry of Foreign Trade. Since then, We's products have started to go abroad and go global.

We purchases all kinds of high-precision equipment including MAZAK five-axis linkage machining center, produces all kinds of CNC tools and provides tool supporting services. The production equipment has increased from about 10 units in the new factory to more than 20 sets.

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We purchased a standardized industrial plant and changed we

name to Zhuzhou Sant Cutting Tools Co., Ltd.

So far, We has entered a period of rapid development, and sales have hit record highs. The variety of products produced is constantly increasing. We makes full use of we own technology and internal management advantages, responds to the national call, adapts to market demand, and converts some standardized product production capacity into non-standard and personalized customized products, which has won the favor of the market and has been widely praised by customers at home and abroad!

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